Resolving A Distributed Transaction Coordinator Configuration Error

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    Over the past few weeks, some users have encountered a known error message when configuring a Distributed Transaction Coordinator. This problem can arise for several reasons. Now let’s talk about some of them.

    How do I restart Distributed Transaction Coordinator?

    To restart the MSDTC service on your computer, follow these steps. Click the Start button, select Run, select cmd and click OK. Type stop msdtc website and press Enter. Also type net start msdtc and press Enter.

    This article can help anyone troubleshoot the issue when starting a transaction in the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC).


    • You have a client computer that is communicating with a server computer.
    • MS DTC is installed on all computers.
    • One or more of the following conditions were met:
      • Either you are rebooting between computers. Reload
      • Run MS DTC on one of the computers.
      • Computers are different domains.

    In this scenario, your site receives the following error message when trying to start accounting in MS DTC:

    How do I fix Msdtc error?

    Activate DTC Network Access.Activate the firewall exception as with MS DTC.Exclude MSDTC in the Trojan horse settings.Enable the PPTP rule.

    New transaction could not occupy the specified transaction coordinator (0x8004d00a)

    Also, the first transaction is not executed. The following cases follow one after the other for a while. However, subsequent transactions may fail again. If the following transactions fail, owners receive the following error message:

    How do I enable DTC in Windows 10?

    Click the Start button, enter Control Panel and display Add or Remove Programs.Click Add / Remove Windows Components.Select Application Server and then decide on the details.Select Enable DTC Network Access and click OK.Click Next.Click Finish.

    It is impossible to conclude a new contract with the specified m procurement coordinator (0x8004d00e)


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  • This issue can occur when the MS DTC connection between the client computer and the server computer system is closed. For example, the inactivity timeout might be a Remote Procedure Mail (RPC) timeout or a firewall next to the MS DTC connection between my client computer and my personal server. When a new transaction request comes in, the client computer must reestablish the MS DTC connection with the host computer.

    When the client computer tries to improve the MS DTC connection because of the server computer, the client laptop sends a packet. The site visitor’s computer then waits for a binding response packet from the server computer. By default, the client computer completes the command if the client computer does not want to receive a response from the computer within 4 seconds. The response from the server computer may be delayed due to network latency issues or authentication delays. If the pulse of the server computer reaches the client computer once and for all, subsequent transmissions will be happy.

    The first transaction can take a long time, and then this last request to execute a redirected transaction can be terminated immediately. These difficulties can arise when using the MS DTC client that has a problem communicating with the Kerberos Server (KDC). Typically, this problem occurs when the client / server, and therefore the client, is in many domains in which a firewall is involved.

    • A web service is a perimeter network in a domain. The web service must use full database transactions on a server in a different intranet domain.
    • A firewall is installed between most of the perimeter network and the intranet. The excessive delay on first purchase occurs because User Datagram Protocol (UDP) (Kerberos) port 88 is blocked.
    • The retry and retry interval for this Kerberos request is equivalent to an excessively delayed pill intake (more than 100 seconds).


    To verify that you are having the problem described in this article, check which MS DTC transaction trace log file is. Contains the following data:

    ; eventid = TRANSACTION_PROPOGATION_FAILED_CONNECTION_DOWN_FROM_REMOTE_TM; tx_guid = f11cd9c9-7b8a-41e3-a904-4840123bacf7; “Affected by transaction Small Fry Node” ComputerName “because every connection to the remote supervisor> was interrupted

    If the MS DTC Trading Channel log file contains this poll, follow these steps:

    1. Select Start, select Run, type regedit and click OK.

    2. Locate the following registry subkey:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft MSDTC

    3. Right-click MSDTC, Appearance, New, then select DWORD.CmMaxNumberBindRetries Value,

    4. Enter text and press Enter. cmMaxNumberBindRetries,

    5. Right-click and select Modify.

    6. How do I enable Distributed Transaction Coordinator?

      Open Component Services.Expand Component Services, expand Computers, expand My Computer, expand Distributed Transaction Coordinator, right-click Local DTC and select Properties.Select the Security tab.Click OK to save your changes permanently.When prompted to restart the MSDTC service, selectSelect Yes.

      Select decimal.

    7. Design in the meaning of data field 60.

      distributed transaction coordinator setup error

      This value increases the time the client computer waits when it normally receives a response from the server computer bind packet. This value is twice the number of seconds before the primary client computer stops the transaction if the client computer is notgets the type of the bind response packet. For example, each value 60 corresponds to 30 seconds. A value of 60 is the most efficient recommended value. Additional testing of your installation may be required.

    8. Select “OK”.

    9. Restart MS DTC.

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    This contains information about updating the registry. Be sure to cancel your subscription before editing it yourself. Make sure you know how to restore the registry if the problem does occur. For more information on easily backing up, restoring, and editing the registry, see Advanced Windows Registry Information .

    distributed transaction coordinator setup error

    Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly using a registry editor or other method. These problems may require reinstalling the operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be resolved. Edit the registry at your own risk…

    In the case of data, spreading an idea is the misspelling of spreading an article. The word “spread” is a misspelling of the word “spread”.

    For this slow response scenario, ensure that most of the ports that are only required for Kerberos authentication (UDP 88 and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 88) are wide open when the firewall is built into the perimeter network. UDP 389 and TCP 389 (both for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol to (ldap) find the Key Distribution Center (KDC)) must also be open.

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