Solved: Eeepc Xandros Kernel Fix Suggestions.

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    Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating that the eeepc xandros. This error can have several causes.

    Xandros, Inc. Is a software company that sold Xandros Desktop, a Linux distribution. The name was xandros, derived from the X Window System and the Greek island near Andros. [2] Xandros was founded by Linux Global Partners (Drs. Will Roseman and Frederick Berenstein) in mid-May 2001. [3] The company is headquartered in New York.

    Xandros Desktop was based on Corel Linux, a Debian-based distribution that was discovered concurrently with the Young Team’s product development at Corel Corporation in August 2001 after Corel decided to sell the Linux distribution market. [4] Xandros was one of the founders of all Desktop Linux consortia and a member of the Interop Vendor Alliance. [5]

    In July, Xandros acquired Scalix, a Linux writing and collaboration product based on HP OpenMail. [6] [7] In July 2008, Xandros acquired Linspire.

    As of October 2013 [update] the Xandros website has become unresponsive (most recently updated in November 2009) [8] and DistroWatch data defined by xandros. [9]

    On January 1, 2018, it was announced that PC / OpenSystemsLLC acquired Xandros and Linspire from Bridgeways, Inc.

    At the end of 2020, PC / OpenSystems LLC launched Xandros under the names Xandros OpenDesktop [2] (retail) and Xandros OpenServer [3] (free) based on Ubuntu 20.04.

    Some Products

    Xandros manufactures products for both the specialized consumer and commercial markets. While the distributions included many packages licensed as free and open source software, Xandros also included proprietary software developed for the Xandros Corporation.

    Business Expenses

    Xandros Home Desktop Edition

    This release comes with a 30-day trial of Crossover Office. Your package may include an “Application CD” containing additional software that you can configure using Xandros Networks. Unlike the final Home Edition Premium, the Home Edition lacked a photograph of a Forex broker, music manager, security suite, wireless credit accounts, or the ability to write NTFS partitions.

    Xandros Desktop Home Premium edition

    eeepc xandros kernel

    This release comes with the full Crossover Office Standard Edition and a second CD (“Application CD”) containing additional applications installed through Xandros Networks. Despite the name, Xandros Desktop Home Edition Premium did not include a Xandros Networks Premium subscription.

    Xandros Corporation is simply giving you a 30-day trial of Xandros Edition Home Premium as a free collection to review.

    Xandros Office Professional

    Previously released as Xandros Desktop Edition, the previous version was basically the same as Xandros Desktop Home Edition Premium but included the ability to check Windows PDC and Active Directory domains, PPTP VPN used to connect to Office remotely, and WLAN use. communication with support for 3G, GSM and UMTS. Xandros Desktop was officially released on November 28, 2006.

    Like Home with the Premium Edition, Xandros Corporation also offers a 30-day trial of Xandros Professional.


    Released in 2008, Presto was a lightweight performance snapshot system using the lightweight Xfce 4.6 desktop environment. Like Installer Canonical Wubi for Ubuntu, it was actually installed on Microsoft Windows and Windows XP was the first completed version. He also had access to the CNR-based “app store” acquired by Linspire as a result of the Xandros selection in mid-2008.

    Xandros Moblin

    A year later, xandros announced that it would be expanding a new netbook operating system targeting Moblin v2. [10]

    Server Systems

    Xandros Desktop Management Server (xDMS) is available. It simply sets up repositories that host custom Xandros Desktop configurations in a reputable organization. [quote required]

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  • Xandros Server was designed to run servers. It was officially unveiled at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2006 in Toronto around April 25 and 2006, and was officially available for purchase from the Xandros online store on May 1, 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 450. Xandros Server 2.0 was released in May 2007 [11]

    Previous Issues

    Xandros Open Circulation Edition (OCE) was most likely a free redistributable version in terms of non-commercial use, a limited set in terms of eAdditional software. Shortly after the release of version 4.0 as a sealed DVD with Linux logs, the Xandros bit torrent was pulled from the servers, so all links to OCE and the Xandros site were removed without explanation. Previous versions of Xandros OCE were usually released about 4 months after the commercial versions were released. [12]

    Xandros Desktop OS Standard Edition was essentially a popular version of the Open Edition of Circulation, but included full speed CD / DVD burning. This product has been superseded by the Home Edition.

    Xandros Desktop OS Deluxe Edition includes a good “Application CD” with additional packages that can be installed through Xandros Networks. This product has only been superseded by the Home Edition Premium.

    Xandros Desktop OS Surfside Edition (trademark of Xandros SurfSide Linux) [13] was basically the same as Xandros Desktop OS Standard Edition, but the Surfside version also included a Plantronics USB headset and 135 minutes of service SkypeOut.

    According to DistroWatch, this will cause Xandros Desktop to stop working. [1] DistroWatch has been considering this decision as there have been no new authorized versions or official updates for Xandros Desktop since November 2006. [14]

    When Xandros acquired Linspire, they planned to get Freespire as a free Debian-based community distribution on which future releases of Xandros Desktop Professional (Home Edition and Home Edition Premium are expected to be discontinued) on Freespire. (This is similar to how Novell runs SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on its free openSUSE and how Red Hat relies on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on its free Fedora.) However, according to the website, Xandros will appear without Freespire. [15] In addition, the DistroWatch website has added Freespire to the list of discontinued distributions.

    User Interface

    The Xandros graphical user interface (GUI) used the correct modified version of KDE, to which Konqueror added its own amazing file manager called the Xandros file manager. It also uses a package manager called Xandros Networks, which is based on software descriptors. The Xandros installation was done by a wizard that asks questions about partitioning and, in some cases, an administrator (root) password.

    GNOM could be restored and usedE in addition to Xfce desktop environments on Xandros. [more information required] [link required]

    BridgeWays For Microsoft Systems Center

    In June 2007, a “broad collaboration and agreement” was announced between Xandros and Microsoft. [16] [unreliable source?] The deal included “patent agreements similar to Microsoft’s deal with Novell.”

    In 2009, Xandros BridgeWays released the first of many management packs for Systems Center. [17] [unreliable source?] BridgeWays Management Pack corrective actions include:

  • VMware ESX HyperV Virtualization and Extensions;
  • Environments for creating applications from JBoss, Apache, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic;
  • Indexing Products Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL;
  • Apache web server and more.
  • In 2010, BridgeWays System is an “expansion center” with rapid growth in scale and market potential as a system center, with application environment monitoring for Windows, Linux, UNIX and VMware and management packs for System Center. BridgeWays users can now track their alerts using Center Setup Service Manager 2010.

    BridgeWays does not compete withMicrosoft. He works closely with Microsoft System Center R&D, Sales and Marketing to create value for System Center customers. In addition, Xandros distributes the Bridgeways System Center directly and through its partner program to distributors, ISVs and SI MVPs around the world as a member of the System Community Center.


    As a result of collaboration between ASUS Home Improvement and the Xandros operating system, the netbook was originally created. ASUS Eee PC was available with Xandros or Windows XP. The installed version of Xandros is instructional-based and was built from scratch using And xlib, the Qt 4.5 toolkit. The full desktop version (or “enhanced mode”) can be set – but remembered – with a series of administrative command word prompts. [18] The full desktop version offers a specific KDE 3 desktop with a few changes made by Xandros to Xandros. This counter mode also gives access to a specific Synaptic Package Manager that can be used to update and overall control the Eee PC software. [19] [20]

    In February 2009 it was announcedxandros is said to be porting its Eee PC Linux distribution to an ARM-based platform (Freescale i.MX515 and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor) for netbooks and other mobile devices. [21] [update required]


    External Reference

    There is a book on this topic in Wikibooks: Xandros

  • Xandros DistroWatch Desktop Operating System
  • Bridge tracks
  • Xandros 4.1 OCE launches (kde) Xandros File Manager, Xandros Networks, Control Center, not forgetting the Xandros launch menu

    eeepc xandros kernel

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