How To Resolve Event ID 7034 Com

This user guide will help you if you see event ID 7034 com.

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    Event ID 7034 – Service is stopping. Update: December. The Service Control Manager (SCM) stops service providers and drivers. It also reports when services stop unexpectedly or do not restart immediately after taking corrective action.


    Windows operating system



    event id 7034 com

    Source: Control

    Head of department



    Symbolic name:

    What is Event ID 6008?

    Event ID 6008 error occurs when the computer has been deliberately shut down using a remote shutdown tool or electronically by a third-party program without the user’s complete request. This error can lead to any version of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10 and occurs for several reasons.



    % 1 terminated the service unexpectedly. Did% 2 times.

    Service Control Manager (SCM) manages bus stops and bus driver services. It also reports when tools close or your computer does not restart unexpectedly after taking corrective action.

    • Reports from users experiencing this issue when working with the Web Publishing Service and the IIS Administration Service after running IISReset / Stop

    • This can also be caused when the service is terminated by the user through the Manager “

    Change Recovery Actions

    event id 7034 com

    To resolve this specific issue, change the recovery steps that many Service Control Managers (SCMs) must take when a service fails.

    To complete this procedure correctly, you must become a memberAdministrators, or you must delegate the appropriate authority.

    1. Open the Services snap-in by clickingLaunch Control Selection, Panel and Administrative Tools and then double clickServices.

    Note. For Windows Vista, getDisplay option in classic form on the control panel forFor administration see Tools.

    1. In the Tips section of the Services snap-in, right-click the name of the product you want to exit from by clicking Select.Specifications.
    2. Click the Recovery tab and configure recovery actions for the software (for example, restart the service in addition to the computer, take no action, or start the program).

    AdditionalAdditional Resources

    • Service shutdown operations
    • Base operating system

    Event ID 7034
    source Service Control Manager
    Description Unexpected termination of service . He did this times.
    Event Information According to:

    Microsoft Cause: This event is logged when a service starts unexpectedly.

    Workaround. Change the restore action. To resolve this issue, change the restore action that the Service Control Manager (SCM) should take when a service fails.

    Note. To participate in this process, you must have program or administrator rights and have been delegated the appropriate authority.

    To change the recovery actions for a service:
    1. Open the Services snap-in by clicking the button.At Start, select Control Panel and Tools, Administrative Tools, then double-click Services.
    Note. In Windows Vista, you use the Classic Show Presentation option in the Control Panel to frequently display administration tools.
    2. In a details pane similar to the Services snap-in, right-click the address of the service you are stopping and select Properties.
    3. Click Repair and specify the recovery actions for the service (for example, restarting most of the service, restarting the computer, performing a numeric action, or starting a program.).

    Confirm: You must already be a member of the Administrator or have been delegated the appropriate authority to complete this procedure.

    To check if a service is stopped:
    1. Open the Services snap-in by clicking the Start button, Control Panel and Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Services.
    2. In the Details view of the Services snap-in, find the service name and verify that most of the status column displays a blank status.
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    What causes Event ID 7031?

    Event ID 7031 is logged for service failure. The Service Control Manager raises this event when a service terminates unexpectedly. The message indicates which plans fail, how often they fail, and what corrective action needs to be taken.

    Cause: The specified service could not be requested. This service is configured to detect the number of errors, and after reporting the likely number of errors, the Service Control Manager will continually perform the restore action configured for the specified service.

    Solution. Have a look at WIN32_EXIT_CODE which found the SCM error. Look at the control type to see the error

    prompt sc, ask for the name of the service.
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    This is a common thing. The real problem may well be related to the services provided by each of our employees.Ask and research further depending on the specific event. Below
    an article related to Microsoft can provide a lot of information on this topicEvent.

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    If you are using GFI MailSecurity and this happensProblem, see Entire document “Fix MailSecurity-Virusdef Crash.Automatic update

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