Help Fix Grub Error 15 File Not Found Error Centos

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    Recently, some readers came across an error code: error file grub 15 not found centos. This problem occurs due to several factors. We’ll cover them below. “Centos 15 error information not found” can be caused by a corrupt master boot file (MBR). If you installed a second operating system, the MBR might start to get overwritten. To resolve this issue, reinstall the boot code.

    Kernel configuration is required for security and updates. OneHowever, if you’re not careful, these updates can make your current server unavailable or disabled.

    How do I troubleshoot Grub Error in Linux?

    Step 1: Know your root partition. Boot from CD, DVD or USB.Step 2: Mount the root partition.Step 3: Be a CHROOT.Step one: Clean grub 2 packages.Fifth different step: reinstall the grub packages.Step 6: Unmount the partition:

    As a third party helpdesk for online hosting providers, core updates are usually performed on the server side.

    What causes GRUB Error in Linux?

    Possible causes: incorrect UUID or root= designation in a specific ‘linux’ string, or a corrupted kernel. Stuck boot screen, blinking cursor with null grub> or grub rescue prompt. Possible problems with video with kernel. Although these errors are not caused by GRUB 2, it can still be very useful.

    Today we’ll look at the “Error 15: File not found” error that occurs on CentOS Enterprise when trying to load changes from grub.

    “Error File 15, Not Found” On CentOS Server – Causes

    How do I fix error 15 file not found?

    After pressing the power button, press F8 (Windows 7 and therefore 8.1) or Shift+F8 (Windows 10) until the Advanced Boot Options screen appears.Select “Safe Mode” and press “Enter” to boot into Safe Mode.

    Error “Error 15: File not found” occurs when trying to start a server with an updated kernel while performing a kernel update or patch.

    Error 12-15: File not foundPress any key to continue

    This error is mainly caused by problems with GRUB and is the bootloader that the CentOS server was using.

    1. Wrong entries in GRUB

    grub error 15 file not found centos

    Most of the time, the “Error 15: File not found” issue is caused by an incorrect entry in the GRUB boot loader configuration report in the /boot/grub/menu.lst file.< /p >

    A typical CentOS GRUB menu entry for 6 servers looks like this:

    grub error 15 file not found centos

    Name of CentOS (2.6.18-238.19.1.el5PAE)root (hd0.0)Kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-238.19.1.el5PAE ro root=LABEL=/initrd /initrd-2.6.18-238.19.1.el5PAE.imgName CentOS (2.6.18-238.9.1.el5PAE)

    Error 15 can be caused by an invalid drive, option, partition name, or similar errors in this kernel entry in the grub menu.

    By default, the kernel specifies how to look for images in the /boot partition. For servers with other partition schemes, these paths should be changed accordingly in the GRUB menu.

    2.GRUB configuration file corrupted

    GRUB settings can get corrupted during a device upgrade. If GRUB is not installed on all partitions, the system can certainly boot on all of them.

    If the required modules are missing from the expected /boot partition, the system will not boot. (Master Boot Record mbr) can be corrupted when installing a high school operating system. Some

    In some cases, the initrd declaration or kernel path may be missing for all the kernels listed in the GRUB menu. This may prevent the server from loading this kernel.

    3. Failed hard drive

    “Error about 15 files not found” can also occur on CentOS servers due to changes in BIOS settings, changes to a Hard disk hardware failure.

    For servers with multiple hard drives or complex installations, multiple boot skins can be created and GRUB will ruin them.

    “Error 15 File Not Found” CentOS Present On Server – Fixes

    Depending on the complexity and level of connection to the server, we use different methods to correct the wrong choice 15.

    1. Correct entries

    When Grub clients contact you and say that their server is down due to error 15, we boot or start the server in recovery mode, let alone access it through a remote console such as IPMI or web portal.

    After loading the boot window, let’s edit certain GRUB entries and fix my mistake. In cases where GRUB is completely damaged, we reinstall boot policies and then start the server.

    2. The test is restarted

    We make appropriate backups on the server where we install updates or kernel patches. Configure GRUB with a failover entry to avoid a good zag crashruzki.

    This fallback configuration ensures that even if the hot kernel does not boot due to errors, there is a kernel standby work record that starts the boot and makes the server available.

    3. Hard disk check

    To rule out “Error 15 for File Not Found” on CentOS due to disk errors, we conduct regular audits to ensure that bad sectors or other errors are correct.

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  • For servers with hard disk failure or operating system installation, which is almost impossible, we add repartitioning and reinstallation of data as needed to fix the type of errors.


    GRUB errors are most common when updating the kernel. Today we saw where our support engineers fix and plan for “Error 15 file not found” on CentOS servers.


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