How Do I Clear Error Messages On The HP Color Laserjet 2550n Printer?

In this user guide, we will describe some of the possible causes that can cause the HP Color Laserjet 2550n error indicators to appear, and then suggest possible solutions that you can try to resolve.

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  • Code: 01
  • Drawing:
  • Description: Accessory error. An error has occurred in the DIMM slot.
    The warning indicator, standby indicator and part will flash. The printer stops printing and pressing any key has no effect.
  • Remedy: 1. Turn off the printing press. CAUTION Installing or removing DIMMs while the printer is on can damage the DIMMs. Light. Uninstall it and then collapse it again to make sure it is believed to be installed correctly. 3. Make sure your requirements are using a supported DIMM. See accessories. 4. Move the DIMM to a different DIMM slot. If the DIMM works in a different slot, DIMM slot 1 is faulty. 5. To continue production, remove the DIMM from video DIMM 1.
  • Code: 02
  • Drawing:
  • Description: The machine has a service error.
    Attention light, ready light, and the bundle should glow.
  • Workaround: hold down (Go) to see a successful secondary error flag, and then look at the valid error messages in this table that might identify a service error. You can also use the simulator in a precise printer driver or alarm event messages to identify a product failure.
  • Code: 03
  • Drawing:
  • Description: Ready light comes on.
    Scanner crash. 50005
  • Solution: 1. Turn the printer off and on again. 2. Rotate the printer to the side and then to the side of the laser / scanner satellite. 3. Replace laser / scanner
  • Code: 04
  • Drawing:
  • Description: The indicator is flashing.
    Failure of the fan drive. 50006
  • Remedy: 1. Turn off the printer. Three. Check cables to devotee connections. 3. Turn on the printer again. 4. If the problem persists, rebuild the fan
  • Code: 05
  • Drawing:
  • Description: The LED is on.
    Engine communication error. 50007
    DC controller thinking error. 50021
    The formatter does not interact with the printer algorithm at all (50007).
    DC controller is inaccurate (50021).
  • Solution: 1. Turn the printer off and on again. 2. Check the connections to help you and format yourself with the DC operator. 3. Replace the formatter. 4. Replace the DC controller. 5. Replace laser / scanner
  • Code: 06
  • Drawing:
  • Description: Ready-and-Go lights shine without a doubt.
    Low melting point error 50008
    Slow merge error 50009
    High melting point error 50010
    50015 fuser circuit malfunction
  • Remedy: 1. Turn off the specific printer for about 20 minutes for 30 minutes. 2. If the inkjet printer is connected to a power strip (possibly a UPS), unplug it and plug the printer cable directly into a wall outlet. 3. Turn on most of the printer. 4. If the problem persists, replace the fuser
  • hp colour laserjet 2550n error lights

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