How Do You Deal With Jandy Aqualink Rs Error Codes?

Over the past few days, some readers have received a well-known error message with jandy aqualink rs error codes. A number of factors can cause this problem. We will discuss this below.

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    The percentage situation controls the amount of solar energy used during the cycle. To illustrate, at 50% the cell may be on for 1.5 hours and then 1.5 hours at rest. Then there is a two-minute downtime, then boxing talks about cell inversion for 1.5 hours, then the cell at rest for 1.5 hours. . ..

    jandy aqualink rs error codes

    There is nothing more tedious than receiving an error code that says nothing. If you do not know the source of the problem, it becomes much more difficult to solve it. This is how we compiled our error release codes below. Make your life easier.

    How do I reset my Jandy AquaLink?

    Press any “Menu” button.Use the arrow keys to navigate to “System Setup” and explain it. Press Enter.”Scroll to highlight “Clear Storage”, maybe press Enter. You have abandoned your AquaLink system again.

    If someone at Jandy has AquaPure 700 and 1400 chlorinators, your company may have experiencedcenter code (or error code). The Service Tag is a three-digit number that is displayed on the display panel of the AquaPure Control Unit to let you know if your AquaPure is having problems.

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  • Unique service tags are fast, easy to read, and don’t define a problem, but guide you to a solution in the marketplace. Below is a complete list of the AquaPure Service Codes these people know and how to fix them in an easy-to-search table.

    Service codes:
    code # Possible reason Corrective action
    120 Weak current in the forward direction to the cell If necessary, clean the cell and check the DC cable
    121 Low current only in the reverse direction of the cell Clean the cell as much as needed and check the DC cable
    123 Last extreme cell drop If necessary, clean the cell and check the DC cable
    124 Cell current is greater than known current Contact a local expert
    125 Kameru needs to be cleaned Clear cell if needed
    126 Low forward current coupled with AC input below 100-200VAC Contact a pool specialist
    127 Low current in conflicting directions and AC input close to 100-200VAC Contact a pool specialist
    144 Low salinity (below 2.0 gpl) Add salt to get 3.0 gpl
    145 High salinity (greater than 4.0 gpl) Backflush filter if a DE filter is installed. Partially drain pool area and dilute with fresh water until salinity returns to 3.0-3.5 gal/gal
    170 Possible good front panel or unit not properly connected to 120VAC Contact a pool specialist
    171 Possible status of supporting companies Contact a pool specialist
    172 Additional flow sensor status or flow sensor not really connected Contact the specialistPool Dialist
    173 Low VAC input and built-in PSU obviously unregulated or hard-wired The device is connected to the wrong AC outlet. Contact Pool Specialist
    174 Pool temperature will be too high for AquaPure to work Flow/salinity sensor indicates water temperature on warning above 108°F. More favorable water temperature
    175 Flow sensor lock chamber status or possibly very low salinity Check if the flow/temperature/salinity sensor is installed correctly. Check salinity with Myron-L-Meter or test strips calibrated for NaCl. Add salt if needed

    Why does my Jandy say no flow?

    Consumption indicator off Clean or clean filters if necessary. Connect the “Flow / Temperature / Salinity” sensor. Clean and reinstall sensor.

    Jandy’s advice is to turn to a well-written pool when you come across good, reliable level 2 code.

    Service level 9 codes:
    code # Possible reason Corrective action
    180 Heated sensor attribute is not heating. (Creates 172 which you just codedrovali) Contact a pool specialist.
    181 Flow sensor temperature sensor damage. (Generates 172 code streams – alert service) Contact a pool specialist.
    182 The salinity sensor can withstand less than 0.2 gallons of sea water, no salt in the pool, or a blocked circulation sensor. (Generates code stream 175 – Sensory Airlock) Contact a recreation specialist.
    183, 185, 184, 186 River salinity sensor temperature sensor error codes. (You will generate code 172 indicating that the flow sensor needs service) Contact a pool specialist.
    187 Maybe the power supply on the front board is too weak or too high. (Generates 173 – Low input voltage code when level 2 code 188 is actually present) (Generates code 170 when 188 is detected as missing) Contact a paddling pool specialist.
    188 The AC input voltage is too low. (Generates 173 if cocode level 187 II) Contact a live streaming expert.
    189 The relay is not transmitting in the system. (Generates Code 171 – Support) Contact a pool specialist.
    190 Relay does not work in reverse. (Generates 171code – service backboard) Contact a pool specialist.
    191 Solar panel high current above (at A/D converter limit) and cell voltage below 19V.170 (Game card service creation before code input) Contact a pool specialist.
    192 High cell current and cell voltage 19V below. (creates 171 trading panels – service) Contact a beach specialist.
    193 Significant cell current was measured when the thyristors were turned off. (Creates encoding 170 – front panel service) Contact harvester.
    194 Cell current is 85% lower than desired and cell voltage is 19V (generates 125 – sexy cell code or needs to be replaced) Contact a local expert.
    194 Invalid salinity due to readings caused by a Frontvista error (generating code 170 – frontal mapping service) Contact a pool specialist.
    Additional postal service codes:
    Code status Reason
    EG External control The ORP unit or outdoor controller has shut down and stopped supplying water to the pool.
    Lo Low temperature shutdown The pool temperature is definitely < 10°C (50°F). Chlorine production stopped.
    bo Improve When using the “Boost” method, the installation runs at 100% for 24 hours.
    HH Top-Top The input has exceeded the maximum range.
    YES AquaLink® RS Online AquaLink RS controls the required yield percentage of Et aquapure.
    Jb Boost (AquaLink interface) AquaLink urs RS controls AquaPure and the “Boost” function is also active.

    Output. Although most option codes can be fixed by the pool owner, not all of them can be fixed in the shortest possible time. If it matters, contact your local technicala qualified technician who can identify and correct the problem to ensure safety and ease of warranty coverage. You can also call us at 1-800-772-0467 for immediate assistance with questions about the AquaPure website. We are always happy to help!

    jandy aqualink rs error codes

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