Section 106 Error? Fix It Immediately

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    In some cases, your system may display a section 106 error message. There can be multiple reasons for this error. When the program restarts based on the WinPE environment and detects a change in the system situation, it exits WinPE Land and then restarts in PreOS mode to continue running. If AOMEI Partition Assistant fails to detect System Recovery Environment for some reason, it can simply restart in PreOS mode.

    A Description To Help You Find Partition Assistant Error Codes

    How do I fix a partition error?

    Method 2: Fix Partition Errors Manually Right-click on the damaged partition and select “Advanced”, then “Check Partition”. In the pop-up window, select the first option: “Check partition and fix errors on specific partitions using chkdsk.exe.” Press Windows +R” on the keyboard.

    Error code:


    Error description:

    Unable to unmount drive letter. Please try again or restart your computer.

    You will get this method error code if you encounter the following conditions:

    If you failed to change the drive letter. – for example, the program needs a similar change in the drive letter D F, which will help the program disable the D drive type so that the system does not occupy it. If a system process is running on this drive, the user’s unmount operation will fail.

    The email failed to delete the trip. – for example, when changing the positions of partitions, such as resizing a partition, the whole program must unmount the direction of the partition so that users cannot read the data inside. If the unmount of a particular program failed, you will almost certainly get this notification.


    1. You can restart your company computer and try again.

    2. First remove the letter of the target Disk using Partition Assistant, also known as Windows Disk Manager, and try again.

    Error code:



    partition error 106

    Error description:

    Unable to find drive letter for volume A. Add drive letter for volume A manually via Disk Management.


    An error occurred while updating the drive letter. Please check the drive letter, volume via Disk Management.

    You will get this error code in the following cases:

    If the mail receiving destination failed. — For example, the program tried to change the drive letter D from F, but failed. Reassign

    if a specific drive letter could not be entered. — For example, the program remaps a disk. Sending completed after separation but failed. Case


    1. If the drive letter assignment fails, users can restart the computer and try Partition Assistant.

    2. Restart your computer to mount the drive using Windows Disk Management.

    Error description:

    Error code:


    Failed to lock the volume. Restart your computer and try again.

    When a program modifies partition operations, the target partition must be locked to prevent other programs from interrupting the use of the modified data. Interestingly, stubborn applications like antivirus and firewall are usually unstoppable. The program is unable to lock a specific section and you will get this error code.


    1. You can manually close running applications, including antivirus and many others. and try again.

    2. Follow the instructions for restarting Partition Assistant in PreOS mode and proceed.

    3. If you’re still getting the correct error after trying the above methods, create the Windows PE Partition Wizard correctly with the CREATE BOOTABLE CD property and end the process in Windows PE mode.

    Error code:


    Error description:

    Volume lock failed. Restart your computer and try again.

    When timesbeating sections must be locked first, after the process is completed, the program will unlock the target for you, while the unlock process will fail, you will get this error.


    Restart your computer and Windows will automatically reopen locked partitions.

    Error code:



    Error description:

    The partition table on your hard drive needs to be updated because other programs are closing the partition table, close other classes and try again.

    All resizing operations require partitions to modify each of our partition tables in order to accomplish this specific task. Operations will fail if settings fail.


    1. This error usually occurs when clients clone a hard drive. To solve a more serious problem, first run a defragmenter and then run chkdsk /r or chkdsk /f to fix any errors on the generator disk, and then be sure to retry the operation.

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    3. Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
    4. Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
    5. Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

    We recommend performing Partition Cloning or Branch Mode Cloning by Sector. Maybe

  • You can also perform disk cloning with AOMEI Backupper.

  • Error


    Error code: Description:

    Section platforms will overlap and subsequent operations will likely be halted. It is recommended to restart your computer.

    There may be problems with your built-in partition after your system has been using it for a long time. The most universal is the overlap of partitions. Partition Assistant recognizes the hard drive due to this error and you usually get this error code when it determines the type of partition table overlap.


    1. How do I check my partition integrity?

      Locate the hard drive, right-click on the partition users want to check, and select Check File System. Step 2: In this File System Checker window, leave the option “Fix error in found event” checked and click “Start”.

      Partition Assistant can also fix normal dining table overlaps, you just need to follow these instructions to fix the error and an immediate reboot is required.

    2. As for those who cannot use Partition Assistant, anyone can use other toolss to find and restore them, and then try the whole partition operation again.

    (Note: When overlapping partition fixes, it is recommended that you back up the partition table.)

    Error code:


    Error description:

    Failed to update file configuration.

    Is aomei partition Assistant safe?

    AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is 100% natural. This is a legitimate product that you can use to partition your hard drive. And it is not infected with almost any malware.

    You are usually told that when applying some partition operations, you need to restart the PreOS warning after this program saves the operations in a configuration file called ampa.ini, which type is located in the directory located at C:Windows. The Partition Assistant for PreOS methods must read the instructions in ampa.ini to complete the operation. You will receive an error code if ampa.ini generation fails.


    1. The reason for this is often that antivirus or system protection programs do not allow Partition Assistant to write the ampa.ini file, otherwise the disk space for writing data is limited. Until then, you should close this strategy or give your human body more space.

    2. If you have tried to perform the operation and still cannot complete it, you can create the Partition Wizard bootable media and then exit the operation in Windows PE mode.

      partition error 106

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